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Commingled fund

Commingled fund can help clients realize the diversification on investment by simply selecting one fund, instead of purchasing equity funds, bond funds and money market funds with various investment styles. Commingled fund adopts radical and conservative investment strategy at the same time, thus its return and risk will be lower than equity fund, but higher than bond fund and money market fund. As a result, mixed fund is a financial product with moderate risk.

Investment Strategy

Assets allocation strategy is the main investment strategy of commingled fund. The fund will follow up change on market environment promptly. Also, the fund will judge on the development tendency of the securities market, evaluates the risk and return level of various assets synthetically, and decides on allocation proportion, adjustment principle and adjustment range of stock, bond and cash according to deep research on macro-economy operating condition and policy change, operating condition of securities market, and change on international market.


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