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、Financial Products Manager                  Recruiting number:one                Publishing date:September 7th,2015


Job Description

1. Design, develop, and launch products based on needs of customers, including surveys in preparation, collecting needs, designing products, and compiling documents;

2. Follow up with supervision departments about reports of asset management products;

3. Take charge of daily management of asset management products, including issuing by sales, investment portfolio, transaction in assets, period allocation, channel communication, liquidation, etc.;

4. Assist in formulating and launching middle and long term development plans; coordinate and implement process design related to products; guide in system constructing;

5. Collect product information issued by other companies within industry; categorize and compare products in terms of product mode, industry, structure, time limit, ROI, risk level, and flotation cost, and therefore propose new products or improvement suggestions;

6. Collect clients’ information; categorize and analyze clients based on asset scale, financial structure, risk preferences, etc.; 

7. Support in internal and external trainings according to company needs.


1. Upright with good moral character;

2. Full-time Master-degree graduates from key universities with background in investment, economy, finance, law, and etc.; familiar with the knowledge in finance, economy, law and etc.;  basic and overall knowledge in financial markets; above 3 years of  work experience, and above 2 years of experience in product development and management;

3. Familiar with product development, management and process of asset management agencies such as banks, trust companies and securities companies; have first-hand experience and quick in response;

4. Strong capabilities in consolidating resources; strong communication and organization skills; excellent writing and PPT skills; 

5. Team player; detail-oriented; sensitive to figures.

6. Salaries are negotiable.


Securities Investment Manager            Recruiting number:one                Publishing date:September 7th,2015


Job Description

1. Take charge of operation and maintenance of capitals in corporate securities investment account; overall manage securities investment account responsive to market situations and make suggestions;  propose reasonable advice in terms of the capitals, positions, adjustment of individual stocks, and daily transactions and thus implement;

2. Collect and sort market information and various reports; assist in establishing pool and portfolio of investment reports ; efficiently analyze investment trend and types of stocks market;

3. Set up investment schemes of securities and individual stocks; be responsible for operations and daily management of securities and individual stocks;

4. Catch up with changes in policies and industries; initiate market-based innovations;

5. Take charge of tracking and supervision of securities investments commissioned by foreign institutions;

6. Enhance cooperation with   securities companies and related investment agencies; seize and create investment opportunities;

7. Formulate, adjust and implement corporate securities investment plans; formulate, revise and implement securities investment plans based on securities investment needs of the company;

8. Formulate, adjust and implement annual, quarterly and monthly securities investment plans;

9. Assist in business development, client services and marketing of fund investment;

10. Other work related to investment funds.


1. Upright with good moral character;

2. Master’s degree from accredited key universities with a background in economy, finance, accounting and etc.;

3. Above 6 years of research and investment management experience in areas such as investment, securities trader, insurance, asset management, private equity, and etc.;

4. Love the industry of investment, proactive in work, self-initiative; strong communication and organization skills;

5. Candidates with CPA, CFA or proven capabilities in investment management overseas will be preferred;

6. Salaries are negotiable.


三、Investment Director             Recruiting number:one                Publishing date:September 7th,2015


Job Description

1. Participate in corporate strategic planning and chair the formulation of investment strategies; make overall arrangements of financing to ensure they are in line with overall strategy of the company;

2. Take charge of seeking and identifying investment projects;

3. Take charge of or coordinate the designing of the process in due diligence investigation in pre-investment, and value evaluation;

4. Take charge of or coordinate negotiations and advancement of investment projects;

5. Take charge of or coordinate design on investment projects’ operating structure and terms on investments;

6. Take charge of or coordinate management of investment projects and projects exit;

7. Other work assigned by leaders.



1. Upright with good moral character; good work ethic; good reputation of business ethic;

2. Above 10 years of work experience in financing industry; above 5 years of work experience in investment project management in well-known financial institutes;

3. Bachelor’s degree from 1st tier universities at home and abroad; candidates with certain certificate (CFA, CPA)authenticated by investment or financial institutions will be preferred;

4. Familiar with capital market inChina; sound experience in VC/PE  inChina;

5. Understand financial situations and industrial policies; strong analytical abilities in business opportunities with foresights;

6. Abundant human and project resources in more than two industries; strong abilities on business expansion;

7. Strong team-building and managing capabilities;

8. Please do not apply if you do not have above qualifications;

9. Only sincere candidates will be considered.



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