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Security  Fund

Securities Investment is one of the core businesses of Chuang Xiang Ying Investment, which mainly focuses on stock secondary market, directional add-issuance, stock index futures and security financing.

The service philosophy of Chuang Xiang Ying Investment is servicing clients with full heart, and creating value for clients. We will constantly insist on the strategy of value-oriented and focus long-term investment. We gather funds and have our experts in charge; we process portfolio management and diversify risk; we insist on professional investment and increase value. We strive to maximize the capital increment of fund investors under the combination of liquidity, safety and profitability.

Security Strategy

We insist on combining value investment with tendency investment, and invest on enterprises with core competitiveness and sustainable ability on performance growth, and enterprises whose performance has improved significantly, and whose stock price hasn’t changed. In this way, we can obtain benefits excessing average return of the market.

We based on macro-research, building term and type allocation utilizing term structure analysis, spread analysis and credit analysis, realizing sustainable and stable return excessing long-term inflation.

We insist on scientific methodology to study, find and utilize financial market’s pattern, and realize effective allocation on capital and accumulation and increment of wealth of investors.

We insist on “ essence” route, and pay intensive attention to every product, and strive to maximize investors’ return. Meanwhile, we insist on the rule of clients first as well as the core idea of absolute return, and offer steady and sustainable return for investors, shareholders and the Company. Also, we constantly promote the innovation on products through improving ability on clients demand recognition, investment management, risk control and operation support. We satisfy investors with various risk and return demands by reasonable design on different products.



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