Brief Introduction Philosophy Enterprise Culture Organization Structure Honors & Qualifications

Core Value

Create Value

The basic significance for a company to exist in the society is to create value for the society, and to offer grand platform for the development of employees.

The basic significance for a employees to exist in the society is to create value for the company, and create fortune for the society.

Win-win Value

The Company will exist, improve and share the accomplishment together with employees, shareholders, partners, clients and society.

Enterprise Spirit

Team Cooperation

Teamwork is the key to success for a company. We will constantly insist on the spirit of being solidarity and sharing weal or woe together, and inspire the subjectivity and creativity of every member in the Company.

Creative and Pragmatic

Creation is the soul of an enterprise. We will constantly think outside the box, encourage collective wisdom, inspire creativity of every employee, and deepen creation on management, operation, culture as well as technology, in order to realize sustainable development of the Company. 

Also, we will stick on pragmatic working attitude. Precisely, we should be pragmatic on the Company’s status quo and future goal. All employees are required to be moderate and keep a low profile, and concentrate on their work. In all, being pragmatic is an attitude and a capability as well.

Aggressive and Positive

It is important to keep an aggressive and positive attitude, to gain de sustainable growth of the Company.

Striving for Excellence

We will constantly strive for excellence in our operating and managing process, keep improving and progressing, and win the market with the best products and services.

Enterprise Mission

To create value for investors and invested companies, and to realize a win-win situation with employees, shareholders, partners, clients and society.

Enterprise Vision

To be a new-style investment management institution at the world’s leading level.



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