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Bond fund

Bond fund seeks for more stable revenue through portfolio investment on bonds. Over 80% of capital in bond fund will invest on bonds, and less than 20% of the capital will focus on equity investment. Also, convertible bonds and purchasing new shares are both important way for the bond to obtain revenue.

A bond is an instrument of indebtedness of the bond issuer to the holders. The most common types of bonds include municipal bonds, financial bonds and corporate bonds.

Investment Strategy

Investment on bond fund mainly adopts credit strategy, which is also supplemented with active investment strategy such as duration strategy, yield curve strategy, yield spread strategy, interest spread strategy and bonds selection strategy. The fund will strive to obtain credit premium, and gain cumulative abnormal revenue through strict credit analysis and judgment on credit spread change tendency under the moderate control on risk.

Credit strategy is our mainly investment strategy. Bond fund gains high revenue through undertaking moderate credit risk, thus evaluation and preparation on credit risk is paid great attention to in securities selection. Our fund promotes securities screening by adopting rating results from authorized rating institution, and adjusts bond investment range and utilizes investment strategy according to credit risk evaluation on bond issuers. Our fund offers analysis on industry development prospects, development condition, market status, financial condition, management level and debt level of the bond issuers according to the operating period of national economy, and evaluates on the credit risk of bond issuers. Meanwhile the fund evaluates on bonds’ credit status and decides bonds’ credit risk spread based on the releasing contract of specific bonds.


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