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Money Market Fund

Money market fund has high liquidity and capital safety. This fund mainly invests on short-term (within one year, and 120 days on average) securities in the money market, including treasury, commercial bill, bank certificate of deposit, bank acceptance bill, government short-term bond and enterprises bond.


Investment Strategy

Money market fund will utilize active investment strategy such as asset allocation strategy, securities selection strategy, interest strategy and ABS investment strategy, explore investment opportunities offered by market over-balance, and realize portfolio appreciation under the strict control on risk.

The fund will determine the allocation proportion of bonds, bank deposits and ABS in the fund capital and promote regular dynamic adjustment according to synthetic judgment on important indicator such as macro-economic condition, policies, credit status, interest tendency and change on capital supply and demand, market size, trading activity, relative return, credit status and average maturity of every investment variety, and liquidity, risk and revenue as well as valuation level.


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