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Shenzhen Qianhai Chuang Xiang Ying Investment Management Co., Ltd. (Chuang Xiang Ying Investment) was founded on March 2015, with headquarter located in Shenzhen. Chuang Xiang Ying Investment is a new financial institution focusing on investment, and owns five core business, namely, security investment, equity investment, M&A investment, alternative investment and appreciation service. Chuang Xiang Ying Investment obtained Private Investment Fund Manager License issued by Asset Management Association of China (AMAC) on April 2015.


Chuang Xiang Ying Investment mainly focuses on investment on primary market, half market, secondary market and industry. By setting up private equity funds, debt funds, M&A funds, industry funds and securities investment funds, we offer clients services for financial optimization, strategic management, industrial integration and value improvement, and help clients with fortune growth and company development.


Chuang Xiang Ying Investment consists of a professional management team with rich experiences and stunning characteristics. Our investing objects mainly include start-up enterprises, growing enterprises, industry leaders and excellent public enterprises. We focus on industries of on TMT, pharmaceuticals, new energy, environmental protection, ecological agriculture and culture and media, and offer various investment products for investors with different risk preference, contributing to the development of the Company.


Chuang Xiang Ying Investment will insists on the company philosophy——cooperative and win-win, professional and concentrated, steady operation, create values. We will constantly create values for investors and invested enterprises, striving to become a new-style investment management institution at the world leading level.



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